Oak LeafFreeport Housing Trust provides 67 units of senior housing in three housing communities. Two of these properties, Brookside Village and Oak Leaf Terrace, have Section 8 property-based rental subsidy. These are restricted to seniors aged 62 or greater who have incomes at or below 50% of median. Income-eligible persons with disabilities may also apply. In Section 8 properties, residents pay 30% of their income towards their rent and utilities, with income reevaluated annually.

Oak Leaf 2 is targeted to Seniors aged 55 and above whose household incomes are at or below 50% or 60% of median. The rents are restricted to be affordable at those income levels, but are not set based on individual tenant’s income.

Freeport Housing Trust is committed to providing senior housing that meets the needs of elders as they age and can remain independent. Our properties provide a Resident Service Coordinator to help connect residents with services available in the greater community. The Resident Service coordinator also organizes resident programs on site. For more information, please go to the individual property pages.