Edrol and Velda Sandy lived at Village View Apartments with their two daughters for 14 years starting in 2003. Originally from Trinidad, they came to the U.S. in 1997.  Their older daughter, Gentille, is now away at college in Texas. For their younger daughter, Regence, Village View is the only home she has known.

Having affordably priced housing has allowed Edrol to pursue his career as a Lay Minister. He works with youth groups, including youth from other countries. Velda cleans homes and is a seamstress. When Velda gave birth to Regence the Supportive Services Coordinator at Village View helped her link up with necessary services in the community. “We are very happy living in Freeport,” says Edrol. “The neighbors here look out for one another.” Edrol gave back by serving on the Board of Directors of Freeport Housing Trust, and he and his family were a real asset to the community.